2.3 IPCE-800LM Lamp Module (X10-Compatible)

ipce800lm ios

The IPCE Lamp Module provides a simple, DIY solution for creating remote control lights. Any plug-in incandescent lamp (up to 300 Watts) can plug into this module and be controlled by remote ON/OFF commands. Now you can turn your lights ON and OFF from anywhere in your home!

Remote Control: The IPCE Lamp Module responds to a compatible controller’s “ALL LIGHTS” commands, which travel over your home’s existing power lines. To receive commands, the module simply plugs into a standard 120VAC power outlet. The controller (sold separately) also plugs in, and transmits signals over the power lines to various IPCE modules plugged in around your home.
Local Control: The ON/OFF switch on your lamp will work normally while the lamp is plugged into the IPCE Lamp Module. This works because toggling the lamp switch to its ON position always triggers the module to turn ON the connected lamp.

Power Required: 120VAC/300W
Minimum Load : 40 Watts
(Lights rated below 40W may flicker and/or operate erratically.)
IPCE Protocol:
House Code Dial – Letters A-P, Default “A”
Unit Number Dial – Numbers 1-16, Default “1″

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