2.1 IPCE-800BTC Bluetooth Smart Controller (X10-Compatible)

BLE controller ISO pic

Built-in Bluetooth technology makes the IPCE Controller the first home automation controller of its kind! Designed to control both IPCE Modules and X10-compatible receiver modules, the IPCE Controller brings wireless Bluetooth control to the classic X10 automation powerline protocol. Now you can use your smart phone to remotely control lamps and other electronics, no matter where you go in your home.

• Turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into a home automation controller.
• X10 powerline protocol devices compatible.
• Maximum Bluetooth wireless operation range of 30 meter (line of sight).
• Build-in real time clock automatically synchronized to your iPhone.
• Up to 10 timer schedule for On/Off control.
• Count down timer.

The IPCE Controller gives you remote control of up to eight receiver modules, such as the IPCE Lamp Module or the IPCE Appliance Module. The controller has On/Off, Bright/Dim, All Lights On and All Units Off command buttons. Simply move the controller’s selector switch to the Unit Code that corresponds with the module you want to control, and then press the button for your desired command. It’s that easy!

Power Required: 120VAC
Power : <1W
Wireless standard: Bluetooth 4.0
Frequency: 2402 – 2480MHz
Operation Range: 30 meters (Line of Sight)
IPCE Protocol:
House Code Dial – Letters A-P, Default “A”
Unit Number Dial – Numbers 1-16, Default “1”


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