6.1 Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller

BLE OBD-II 1000x1000

The Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller is a mobile equipment for connecting to a vehicle’s OBD-II connection jack and for transmitting and displaying data on Android™ smartphones, Android™ tablet PC or PC via Bluetooth interface. The equipment will read out and display important engine parameters, error messages and performance data within seconds. DTC error codes can be recognized and, if needed, deleted using the extensive error code database. Three LEDs indicate the equipment’s operating status. Other features are „Plug and Play“ for ease of use and an appealing graphic user interface with numerous display modes and choice of digital and analogue display. The Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller does not require a separate power supply for operation – it is powered via the respective vehicle’s OBD-II jack.

Basic information on the Bluetooth OBD-II-Car Controller
The vehicle’s OBD(On-board diagnostic)-II system is used to monitor the emission control system and key electronics and engine data, and checks certain vehicle components and conditions. When a problem is recognised the OBD-II system will alert the driver via malfunction indicator light (MIL) on the instrument panel, which typically means the engine should be checked or maintained as soon as possible.
The Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller allows for DTC error codes DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Codes) to be read and displayed, or, if needed, be deleted. These error messages are transmitted from the vehicle’s memory to the Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller.

Dimensions : 67 x 51 x 22 mm (l x w x h mm)
Weight : approx. 38 g
Plug for auto OBD-II jack : 16-pin OBD-II diagnostic plug
Operating voltage: 12 V / DC supply via automotive OBD-II jack (DC = direct current)
Operating temperature : – 5 °C to 50 °C (Celsius)
Operating mode display : 3 LED lights (red, green, yellow)
Laser class: LED lights correspond to protection class I
App system requirements for Smartphone and tablet: Android™ Version 2.3.3 and later

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