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6.1 Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller

BLE OBD-II 1000x1000

The Bluetooth OBD-II Car Controller is a mobile equipment for connecting to a vehicle's OBD-II connection jack and for transmitting and displaying data on Android™ smartphones, Android™ tablet PC or PC via Bluetooth interface. The equipment will read out and display important engine parameters,...
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6.2 IPCE HD Dual Camera Car DVR

Dual camera pic-2

RECORD VIDEO EVIDENCE WHILE DRIVING Install an extra pair of eyes in your car with the IPCE HD Dual Camera Car DVR and record everything which is happening on the road from two different angles. Two cameras are included in this DVR set. One camera is built...
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7.1 IPCE Bluetooth Luggage Scale


ABOUT BLUETOOTH LUGGAGE SCALE The Luggage Scale is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled digital scale that enables you to measure your luggage weight and record into your iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, iPad mini, iPad4, iPad 3rd gen, iPod 5th gen. app (iOS 6 or above), including time and location. Both of...
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7.2 IPCE Bluetooth Luggage Belt

ipce-bluetooth-luggage-belt-1 ABOUT BLUETOOTH LUGGAGE BELT The Bluetooth Luggage Belt can direct connect to iPhone 4S/5/5C and new generation iPad. Both of them will be alarmed for anti-lost if the luggage belt is moved away from the iPhone/iPad at an adjustable distance. It is also a baggage claim alert with...
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