4.2 IPCE Blood Pressure Monitor

BLE Blood Pressure Monitor

IPCE Blood Pressure Monitor

ABOUT Blood Pressure Monitor
The Blood Pressure Monitor is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled monitor that enables you to capture your blood pressure, heart beat onto your intelligent gadgets, and record the blood pressure and retrieve historical data on iPhone 4S/5/5C, iPad mini, ipad4, iPad 3rd gen, iPod 5th gen app (iOS6 or above). IPCE Blood Pressure Monitor with Apps can provide you an excellent tool to monitor your health and share It is not just a Blood Pressure Monitor, it also allows you to share your data with family and friends via email.

Pressure unit : mmHg/Kpa
Pressure Resolution : 1mmHg/0.1Kpa
Power Supply : AAA battery x 4
Operating Temperature : 5 – 35°C
Wireless Standard : Bluetooth 4.0
Frequency Range : 2400 – 2480 MHz
Operation Range : 10 meters
Accuracy : +/-3mmHg/g (pulse: +/-5)
Pressure measurement range : 0-299mmHg/(0-39.9Kpa)
Heart beat measurement range : 40-188 pulse/min
Pressure display range : 0-299mmHg(0-39.9Kpa)

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